Noble Elves Mega Army by Forest Dragon – 10mm Scale Fantasy Army for Warmaster and Epic Wargaming


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Noble Elves Mega Army – Command the Elegance!

Step into the realm of grace and lead your army with the Noble Elves Mega Army, a magnificent collection designed by Forest Dragon. This grand assortment includes over 30 strips of finely crafted 10mm scale miniatures, each a testament to the art of war and magic. From the elegant Spearmen, skilled Archers, and majestic Great Eagles to the commanding Noble Elf Lord atop a Dragon, these figures showcase the unmatched prowess and relentless determination of the noble elves. With no assembly required, take this army to the tabletop battlefield, where these elves will effortlessly navigate the chaos, bringing both martial and magical might to claim victory.

As you lead your noble forces into battle, the elegant warriors on their noble steeds, formidable chariots, and swift cavalry strike fear into the hearts of your foes. Whether in close combat or raining arrows from afar, the Noble Elves Mega Army is an embodiment of grace, power, and elegance. Reign supreme and dominate the tabletop with this remarkable collection that captures the essence of elven martial and magical prowess!

What’s in the Box?
Spearmen, Archers, Chariots, Heavy cavalry, Light cavalry, a Bolt thrower, Great eagles, 2 Heroes on great eagles, Noble Elf Lord atop a Dragon, Noble Elf Character pack featuring 4 cahracters.
10mm scale.
No assembly required. Miniatures Provided unpainted.


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More options available in our shop

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